Squatters SLC Airport

By Stella • October 29, 2012

Utah used to be a horrifyingly dry state. The laws are still fairly puritanical, but good beer can still be found. Here’s the Beer Church review of the ales available at Squatters Brewpub in the Salt Lake City Airport.

Squatters is well worth a stop. In addition to very tasty food — especially considering that you’re in an airport — there are cocktails with names like “Stumbling Missionary” and “Family Home Evening” which poke fun at the state’s Mormon-dominated culture. Best for sampler sippers like yours truly, a six beer sampler is only five bucks. Again — you’re in an airport. This is a good deal at any brewpub, and the generous pours for such a low price are well worth the money.

Provo Girl Pilsner surprised me for being a pilsner with flavor. It was incredibly refreshing served ice cold, and as full-bodied and blonde as the girl on the label.

Chasing Tail Golden Ale was a bit of a letdown. It had a flavor that I’d call mellow if I was feeling generous but it was really just uninteresting. This is a shame, as Squatters shelled out the cash for imported English barley and hops for the recipe instead of making a weak beer with cheaper local ingredients. This ale does sport a nice citrusy flavor up front, but missing character in the mid-taste and finish leave you feeling as though you chased some tail but came up empty handed.

American Wheat Hefeweizen was the kind of wheat beer I really enjoy – nice and cloudy. Don’t miss this one if you enjoy non-barley ales, and don’t forget a slice of lemon. This ale has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, good carbonation, and is extremely refreshing.

Full Suspension Pale Ale was my favorite ale that we tried on this pilgrimage. The beer gods smiled on my taste buds by blessing me with this ale’s strong citrusy aroma, rich but not overwhelming flavor and a clean, astringent finish that washed away my many sins involving party fouls.

Organic Amber Ale was my husband’s favorite beer in the sampler set. Very malty for an amber ale, it retained a pleasantly roasty aroma without veering over into dark beer territory.

Captain Bastard’s Oatmeal Stout was a perfect gentleman. The aroma is chocolaty with hints of roasted coffee. The oatmeal flavor is very light, but not unpleasantly so, providing light creamy body that moves on to a toasty, burnt chocolaty finish.

Polygamy Porter is a beer I’d heard of before, but I think the over-the-top raves I’d heard had more to do with the beer’s hilarious label than its actual flavor. Don’t get me wrong — it’s a very decent porter. This ale has a bit of a toasty smell, but not the rich aroma I’d expect from a porter that bills itself as the sort of beer where one simply isn’t enough.